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Because we can re-ignite the passion that lives within you, your staff or your organisation.

Welcome to Mid Devon Professional Coaching, where we recognise that everyone is unique and learns and develops in different ways.    

Below are a few of the many great reasons why others have already chosen to work with Mid Devon Coaching.   

  • Tailor made coaching programmes
  • Bespoke training packages. 
  • The wide variety of choice
  • Over 25 years Experience

Tailor made coaching and training products and services to make personal development fun, memorable and accessible to all’.   There are many packages available to buy straight off the shelf … but do they really cater for what you need? From my experience they don’t tick all the boxes. Which is why at Mid Devon Coaching our products and services are tailor made for you.   

For some people the journey of self-discovery through 1:1 coaching is more beneficial than sitting in a training room.   For others the interaction, sharing of good practice and teamwork in a group setting is the spark they need to develop either professionally or personally.   

A wide variety of choice. 1:1 coaching and mentoring, soft skills workshops, personal development, skills for business, employment and career development and much more.   Because everything is bespoke, you have even more choice… your choice.  And if you are not sure of your requirements; consultation, advice and guidance is available.   

Over 25 years experience of training and coaching in a variety of settings.   Mid Devon Coaching has been helping people develop on a personal and professional level using both formal and informal methods for many years.      

If you want to change, grow or develop don't delay and contact us today


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Mid Devon Coaching uses coaching as a tool to support, guide and encourage their client’s personal development, to help them reach their full potential whether it be at work, in their social or personal life.  Find out more...

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Will you be our next starfish?

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