What Are The Real Benefits of Coaching?


The Benefits of Coaching

"The voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes" Marcel Proust

Many ‘forward thinking’ organisations are creating workplace environments that promote creativity, independent learning and personal development in a way that doesn’t take staff away from work for days at a time. 

To do this they are creating coaching and mentoring opportunities, which allow staff to be more creative, innovative, pro-active and productive and thus promoting high performance.  Organisations that have embraced a coaching culture are helping to create a new generation of ‘forward thinking’ leaders.   

Coaching has had a positive effect on many well known organisations such as, the BBC, General Electric, Novae, ASDA, GSK, John Lewis, BT and Standard Chartered. Coaching is also evolving in schools as a tool to help teachers communicate better with pupils and other members of staff.   

Organisations that are experiencing change, as many are with the current economic climate, use coaching as a way to help manage change and stabilise their workforce. Coaching can promote openness and trust between staff and senior management and help employees to feel supported, valued and listened to and this in turn promotes motivation.   

Company’s who have encouraged managers to develop a coaching style of leadership have reported that recruitment costs and staff turnover have reduced significantly.  Quite simply, happy, valued staff are more likely to stay.  

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