Mid Devon Professional Training

Mid Devon Training has over 25 years experience of delivering and consulting in a wide variety of settings    

Mid Devon Training prides itself on being passionate about learning, education and continuous professional development.   

Mid Devon Training is innovative and creative and is always looking for the most unique ways to get learning across to make it memorable.    

While Mid Devon Training likes to have fun and think learning should be enjoyable we always remain professional.   

Mid Devon Training sets and works to a very high standard.    

Mid Devon Training is about promoting individual development. We encourage people to be the best they can be.    

We have fun at Mid Devon Training - no one enjoys boring and bland training!    

At Mid Devon Training you will find the two E’s – energy and enthusiasm. 

Mid Devon training is tenacious. We are determined to help and support all our learners to succeed.    

There are many courses available to buy straight off the shelf … but do they really cater for what you need? From our experience they don’t tick all the boxes. Which is why in Mid Devon Training our products and services are tailor made for you.   


We offer an initial consultation to discuss your specific requirements such as:  

Who is training is for? 

How and why has the training need been identified? 

How long do you want the course to run? 

When do you want it to run? 

What results and changes do you expect to see from your staff or clients after training? 

After the consultation a proposal will be drawn up outlining:  

Suggested timescales, 

Aims and objectives 

A brief overview of the course content

Cost for development and delivery

Delivery models are flexible and adaptable to fit around your organisation’s needs – this can range from part time, full time, evenings and even the occasional weekend if this fits with you best. 

Here are a few workshops on offer through Mid Devon Training:

Coaching and Mentoring

Time Management

Leadership and Management

Equality and Diversity

Conflict Resolution

Minute Taking

Presentation Skills

Public Speaking

Effective Communication

Mid Devon Training also runs workshops for women only (please contact us for more details)

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