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Counselling and Hypnotherapy


I wonder what has led you to look at our page?   

Perhaps you are encountering a difficult time in your life, you may feel you’ve come to a major crossroads and are not sure which direction to take or you may feel in a ‘stuck’ state. You may be feeling anxious, down or vulnerable.   Whatever led you here you can be assured you are not alone with you concerns and that help is available at Mid Devon Counselling. 

Why come to counselling? 

People come to counselling for many reasons – here are just a few;   

· Loss and bereavement 

· Issues at different life stages 

· Coping with sexual issues 

· Relationship problems 

· Controlling unmanageable feelings 

· Mood swings 

· Anger or panic attacks  

Counselling is about attending 45-minute sessions where you can talk openly about your concerns without being judged. No issue is too big or too small. Your counsellor will listen to you, ask you questions and encourage you to explore and know yourself better.   

You have taken a big step by finding and reading this page. Why not take the next step and make the call to book a discounted introductory half hour meeting.   

Where does counselling take place?   

Whilst most counselling sessions take place in my comfortable conservatory, I am more than happy to travel to where it’s easiest and most comfortable for you.   Counselling can also be offered over the telephone or as a skype call at your convenience and away from distractions.


Hypnotherapy is another ‘talking’ therapy and while it is similar to counselling it can produce much more rapid change.    

When is hypnotherapy used?   There are a vast number of reasons why clients choose hypnotherapy, here are just a few:  


· Emotional problems 

· Phobias 

· Improving performance 

· Exam fear 

· Sleep problems 

· Breaking bad habits

· General well-being and healing  

Misconceptions of hypnotherapy   There has been much written and televised about hypnotherapy and this has harboured many misconceptions of hypnotherapy. Let’s bust a few for those:   

1. Hypnotherapy is not some mystical or magical practice 

2. You are not under the ‘power’ of the hypnotherapist 

3. Hypnosis is not dangerous 

4. You do not lose control during hypnosis

5. You are not asleep so therefore you will wake up   

Hypnotherapy is about being in a relaxed and awake state, we call this a natural trance. It is great exercise for your mind and allows you to build rapport with your unconscious mind. 

Hypnotherapy is something you are in control of all the time. Your unconscious is there to protect and will not allow you to do anything that does not fit with your values and beliefs.   

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