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What our clients think

'I attended your Conflicts Resolution workshop in Plymouth and just wanted to say how informative and helpful it was.

I have currently been going through some pretty horrible things which have caused me no end of troubles.

Today was the first day that I have walked into the office feeling more positive than I have in a while.

I have had a look on your website and found your blogs very inspiring.

Just wanted to say thank you for making me see things from a different way and for also making me realise that there are lots and lots of people going through things and that I am not the only one.' Conflict Resolution Training

‘I found all aspects of the course helpful. I feel confident in going forward in my job role. Liza was friendly, encouraging, good listener and patient’. Advisor training   

‘I enjoyed the learning styles activities and difficult situation questions. I feel more motivated to learn new skills. The training was well worth it’.  Advisor Training

‘I feel more confident in my role and have a better understanding of the client perspective. Liza was approachable, understanding and confident (in explaining)’. Advisor training  

‘Liza was realistic, approachable and professional - I enjoyed the 2 days and feel I have gained new skills. Thank you’. Advisor training   

‘More confident that I am on the right track and have some new tools to use. Especially liked the job ready checklist’ Liza was vibrant - passionate and understands current concerns and limitations’. Advisor training  

 ‘Liza was approachable, knowledgeable, empathetic and fair. The course was very relevant and could relate to work situation’. Consultant training   

‘The course was very relevant; I felt valued as an employee and learnt from other experiences. Liza was fun, knowledgeable and supportive’. Consultant training  

‘I found Liza's style of delivery the most helpful part of the course. I feel good and ready for action’. Consultant training 

‘Excellent content. All relevant, especially as I had been on long term sick and just returned. Liza was fab’. Consultant training   

'Thanks Liza it was a great few days with the team and from a personal point of view both thoroughly enjoyed the content and the learned a great deal’. Performance Management   

‘Firstly, I would like to thank you for your patience, unfortunately I do find classroom based training really difficult and I appreciate that sometimes I seem detached or vacant!! I did find the content relevant and informative and would like to thank you.’ Performance Management  

‘Really good conversations and discussions were had whilst also providing the headroom to look more analytically at my job role.’ Performance Management 

‘Overall a thorough and helpful course’. Performance Management 

'I thought the course was facilitated very well from a deliverer who had blatant insight into our challenges. Thanks Liza’. Performance Management  

‘I now feel I can prioritise my life, speak my mind more, be more confident in my abilities. Liza was outgoing, helpful and a good listener’.  Personal development and confidence building 

‘I now realise that I am better with people than I thought I was. I should try not to let my fears rule me. Never be afraid to ask’. Personal development and confidence building     

‘Not to fear as much. To use the skills I have learnt to improve my confidence. Start believing in myself. Liza was well presented, friendly, clearly spoken and fun’. Personal development and confidence building     

‘There are lots of people in the same boat as me. My confidence got a boost. I am employable. Liza was efficient, tolerant and very helpful’. Personal development and confidence building     

‘I've learnt how to communicate. Got to stop doubting myself. Liza was understanding and kind’. Personal development and confidence building     

‘I learnt how to be more confident, communicate better and do brain training. Liza was brilliant. I enjoyed every bit and we had a really good laugh’. Personal development and confidence building     

‘I feel very confident and ready to take on the world! I found exploring opportunities, solutions and core values most beneficial. Liza was motivating and encouraging’. Personal development and confidence building   

‘I learnt more about completing application forms and job search etc. Liza was very pleasant and got the group working together’. Getting ready for employment course     

The help that was given and how to improve my CV and to fill in all the application forms was most beneficial. Liza was resourceful, interesting and extremely helpful’. Getting ready for employment course   

‘I feel a bit more confident with my search for jobs. Liza was easy to understand and easy to talk to’. Getting ready for employment course     

‘The whole course was very constructive. I feel very confident about my future job searching.  Liza was positive, constructive, easy to listen to, friendly’. Getting ready for employment course     

‘Thanks for the notes and for organizing a great training day yesterday, the planning and energy you had put into the day really shone I thought’. Club Officers Training, Toastmasters